FEBRUARY 17, 1997

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Local News

City asked to stop developing on the Wedge

Wedge developments Residents of the Wedge, the self-described island area along SR-522, worked in vain to have two developments there stopped a few months ago. Now they have asked for a halt to more development until the zoning code is reviewed.

County Council completes annual reorganization

County Council Metropolitan King County Council chair Jane Hague announced revisions to committees and the leadership of the Council's 13 standing committees as part of the legislative body's annual reorganization.

Uncooperative victim halts shooting probe

shooting probe The 26-year-old man who was shot in the Wells Wood complex in Woodinville is not cooperating with King County police, officials say, bringing the case to a standstill unless an independent witness comes forward.

Watershed action grants available

watershed grants Residents interested in protecting or enhancing local waterways may apply for financial assistance through King County's new Watershed Action Grant Program.

legislative update

Legislative update

weather report

Northshore & Lower Snoqualmie Weather Report