FEBRUARY 17, 1997

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Local News

Uncooperative victim halts shooting probe

shooting probe by Jeff Switzer
The 26-year-old man who was shot in the Wells Wood complex in Woodinville is not cooperating with King County police, officials say, bringing the case to a standstill unless an independent witness comes forward.
   "The case can't go very far without victim cooperation," said King County Media Relations Officer Joanne Elledge.
   The victim was driven to Evergreen Hospital the afternoon of Feb. 7 with a gunshot wound to his upper left leg, which severed his femoral artery and left a large amount of blood in both the parking lot and the car used to take him for treatment.
   The victim told police he was shot at a tavern in south Seattle, but police are skeptical, given the amount of blood at the scene in Woodinville. The Wells Wood apartments are located at 18100 142nd Ave. NE, behind the Edgewood Apartment complex.
   The man remained in the hospital in custody when a background check revealed drug warrants. His girlfriend, who drove him to Evergreen, was also taken into custody for an outstanding DWI warrant from Seattle and failure to appear five times.
   Anyone wishing to cooperate with the investigation can call 296-7530.

In other police news:
   Feb. 5: A Woodinville resident delivered 434 shotgun shells to the police for disposal. The shells had been soaked in water in his basement by the recent flooding and were not safe for shooting.
   Feb. 8: Unknown suspect(s) pried their way into a business in the 12200 block of NE Woodinville Drive. The perpetrator(s) made off with an undisclosed amount of cash and two laptop computers, and damaged several file cabinets. The business is moving out of state this month and several employees have been let go recently.
   Feb. 10: A computer was stolen from a Wellington Elementary portable. Fresh pry marks were discovered at the scene and the alarm for the building had been tripped and was beeping when janitors investigated a mysterious power outage there. This was the third such incident in six months.
   Twenty-two "A-boards," also called sandwich signs, were stolen from a local housing development and redistributed along NE 175th Street: seven in front of city hall and 15 near the grocery stores.
   Feb. 11: Two male Woodinville High students, ages 17 and 18, were cited by police for minor-in-possession and consumption in the 19500 block of 144th Avenue NE. Police found a half-rack of Bud Ice, and the students were in possession of open containers.