FEBRUARY 17, 1997

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Watershed action grants available

watershed grants Residents interested in protecting or enhancing local waterways may apply for financial assistance through King County's new Watershed Action Grant Program. All community groups, including schools, service clubs, and homeowner associations, are eligible for grants, which can be as large as $5,000 for materials and supplies.
   Projects must be located within the areas served by the county's Water and Land Resources and Wastewater Treatment divisions, in general, unincorporated territory in the western third of King County, and a triangular region in Snohomish County south of Everett, east of State Route 99, and west of State Route 9.
   Projects may involve work around streams, wetlands, lakes, rivers, marine waters, or fish habitat, or support the use of reclaimed wastewater or biosolids, an organic byproduct of the wastewater treatment process that is recycled as fertilizer. Successful proposals will emphasize broad community participation in the long-term care of local water resources.
   For more information or to obtain grant application materials, call 296-8494.