FEBRUARY 17, 1997

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Local News

County Council completes annual reorganization

County Council Metropolitan King County Council chair Jane Hague announced revisions to committees and the leadership of the Council's 13 standing committees as part of the legislative body's annual reorganization.
   Growth Management, Housing, and Environment was split, creating a Growth Management Committee and Housing and the Policy Planning Committee. Also, a Commerce, Trade, and Economic Development Committee has been created.
   Hague noted that the Council's Committee of the Whole will focus on the important issue of regional governance and finance, working with the County's partners in Seattle, the suburban cities, and special service districts to find the best and most cost-effective ways of providing services to residents.
   At the same time, duties of the Committee for Unincorporated Affairs will be expanded to include the evaluation of service delivery in such areas as police, roads, and human services. In addition, the committee will address sub-area planning and will work with the Unincorporated Area Councils.
   Under the reorganization, the growth management committee will make recommendations to the full council on policies relating to land use development and zoning regulations. It also will consider and make recommendations on comprehensive planning policies and regulatory reform. Housing and Policy Planning Committee members will be expected to consider and make recommendations on policies dealing with market rate housing affordability. The committee is charged with considering and making recommendations relating to the Growth Management Planning Council.
   In addition to its overall responsibilities of making recommendations on economic development, the Commerce, Trade, and Economic Development Committee will look for ways to create and attract more family-wage jobs.
   The 1997 committee assignments include: