FEBRUARY 17, 1997

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gymnastics results

Northshore Gymnastics Center team gymnastics results


1st Place team award with a score of 138.825.
Vault: 1st, Rachel Roy; 2nd, Amy Lia; 3rd, Kim Ehinger; 4th, Ariel Fredrickson; 5th, Mindy Chism.
Bars: 1st, Rachel Roy; 2nd, Ali Peterson; 3rd, Ariel Fredickson; 4th, Kristyn Reese; 5th, Laura Bagby.
Beam: 1st, Jami Cummins; 2nd, Kim Ehinger; 3rd, Laura Cummins; 2nd, Kim Ehinger; 3rd, Laura Bagby; 4th, Ali Peterson; 5th, Kristyn Reese.
Floor: 1st, Quinn Neugebauer; 2nd, Rachel Roy; 3rd, Jami Cummins; 4th, Mindy Chism; 5th, Ariel Fredickson; 6th, Laura Bagby; 7th, Amy Lia.
All-Around: 1st, Rachel Roy; 2nd, Ariel Fredickson; 3rd, Ali Peterson; 4th, Kristyn Reese; 5th, Quinn Neugebauer.

Level 8

1st Place team award with a score of 140.3.
Vault: 4th, Cassie Pembeton; 5th, Jillian Houck.
Bars: 2nd, Jillian Houck; 3rd, Yewlin Chee; 4th, Holly Baeder; 5th, Cassie Pemberton; 6th, Je' Von Hetland.
Beam: 5th, Jillian Houck; 6th, Kelianne Chinn; 9th, Yewlin Chee.
Floor: 7th, Jillian Houck.
All-Around: 3rd, Jillian Houck; 5th, Yewlin Chee; 9th, Cassie Pemberton.

Level 9

2nd Place team award with a score of 142.125.
Vault: 2nd, Krissy Heberling; 7th, Jessica Ladich; 10th, Erin Dooley; 10th, Alyson Carlyon.
Bars: 5th, Erin Dooley.
Beam: 1st, Julie Bagby; 4th, Alyson Carlyon; 7th, Erin Dooley; 8th, Krissy Heberling.
Floor: 2nd, Krissy Heberling; 5th, Alyson Carlyon; 6th, Erin Dooley; 10th, Julie Bagby.
All-Around: 5th, Krissy Heberling; 6th, Erin Dooley; 7th, Julie Bagby; 8th, Alyson Carlyon.