FEBRUARY 24, 1997

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Guest Column

With multiple sclerosis, everyone's best is different

multiple sclerosis by Maria Hall
I read the feature story "Bothell woman running to extremes" (Jan. 20) with growing interest. It motivated me to write and clear up some misconceptions about multiple sclerosis.

Letters to the Editor

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Comments on baggy clothes, Internet police

comments I read the well-written letter by Brandon Schnierer with fond memories of what I wore as a "wild" teenager. [As for computer police...] I think Mr. Stankus can relax.

Message in pipeline explosions

pipeline explosions Northwest Pipeline Corp. shut down, from the Canadian border to the Columbia River, the 260-mile natural gas pipeline that exploded twice in opposite ends of the state last weekend. The decision was made when workers discovered more evidence of ground movement.

Woodinville requirements too onerous; county hypocritical

development hypocrisy "Illinois courts tell regulatory agencies and legislative bodies to stop 'taking' private property without compensating owners." Reading that reminded me of my experience in selling my property in the southwest quadrant of the Hollywood intersection.

Writing discrimination into law

discrimination To [State Legislature] Representatives Lambert and Backlund: Your sponsorship of the anti-marriage bill in the Legislature offends my partner and me, your constituents who also happen to be a lesbian couple in a long-term, committed relationship.

Fire protection needs volunteers

volunteer firefighters Currently Duvall-King County Fire District 45 is holding a recruiting drive. They are looking for volunteer firefighters. Often people see signs out at the local fire stations and don't respond. Why?