FEBRUARY 24, 1997

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Scouts head for snow

building igloos

Left to right: Lucas Hines, Kevin Boyle, Jonathan Baker, Casey Carlson, and Tim Barker build the igloos that kept the scouts warm at night.

snow outing The first snow outing of the new year for Boy Scout Troop 420 was a trip to Paradise on Mt. Rainier. Because igloos are warmer than tents when the temperature falls to zero, the boys built one igloo for every four boys on the trip.
   Other winter activities for the troop have included a trip to the Klondike Derby in Cle Elum to practice winter survival skills. Plans are underway for a winter camp called Scout-A-Vista, held at Mission Ridge in Wenatchee. There, the boys will take part in cross-country and downhill skiing and snow-shoeing.