FEBRUARY 24, 1997

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Volunteers needed to teach English as second language

English as second language The Sammamish Valley Grange and Teen Northshore are working together to establish a core group of volunteers who want to help local foreign-born residents learn basic English skills.
   Many people who live and work locally have family members who need an opportunity to have a regular meeting with a volunteer to practice their English skills, talking, writing, and reading. The intent is to help these people learn enough English to be comfortable to use the bus, shop, use the library, and access further English lessons at the local schools and colleges. A one-to-two hour commitment per week is needed.
   On March 15, a 4-hour workshop will be held to provide volunteers with basic knowledge and a plan on how to best teach English. Tamara Belgaeem will teach the workshop at the Sammamish Valley Grange from 9 to 1. Pre-register by calling Carol Edwards at 483-0606 to sign up. There is no charge.