FEBRUARY 24, 1997

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Fire district still looking for citizen advisors

citizen advisors The Woodinville Fire District is still looking for Citizen Advisory Council members to provide a link between the fire district, commissioners, and the community, serving as sounding board and educator, and working with the public and other agencies.
   Of the nine members, four are to be from the district at large, two must be residents from the City of Woodinville, one member should be from the medical community, one from the Woodinville business community, and one from a local professional agency, such as the Red Cross or Puget Power. Those nine are to have voting privileges at the four set meetings per year and at any additional scheduled meetings, times and dates of which are to be published one week ahead of time in the Woodinville Weekly and the Eastside Journal newspapers.
   Beyond the nine members, two Fire Commissioners, the fire chief, and a Woodinville City Councilmember will serve as ex-officio members.
   Those interested are encouraged to write to Fire Commissioner Don Eddy, c/o Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District, 19900 144th Ave. NE, Woodinville, WA 98072-8427.