MARCH 3, 1997

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Volunteers needed

volunteers Volunteers are needed to help local citizens from foreign countries learn enough language skills to access other programs.

Guest Columns

Volunteerism enriches our community

Volunteerism by Adriene Walker, Woodinville Kiwanis Club
Being a Kiwanis member is a way for me to "give back" to the community in the way of volunteer services, but it's also a rich resource to tie into.

Thanks for the bear necessities

stuffed animals by Steve Smith, Fire Chief, W.F.L.S.D.
Recently, our fire district received many stuffed animals from individuals, businesses, and chartered groups.

Letters to the Editor

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Radio station not 'emergency'

city radio station I read in the Feb. 17 issue of the Woodinville Weekly that the City of Woodinville is in the process of spending 10 grand of unbudgeted money for a city AM radio station.

Volunteers shy away from Fire District committees

Fire District committees May we suggest why there has been hesitation by volunteers to join new Fire District committees? There is a continued concern as to why the commissioners shut down a fully-functioning Citizen Advisory Committee.

Fire District behavior confusing

confusing behavior I have been attending Woodinville Fire District meetings since July 1996, concerned over what had been happening since January. This coincided with Commisioners Callon and Leggett taking office, after which two commisioners and the fire chief resigned.

Stop pointing accusing finger

groundless accusations I am getting a little disgusted with the innuendoes regarding former Fire Chief Davis's credit card receipts.

Sign diversity can be attractive

sign diversity Allow a new merchant in the Woodinville area to belatedly join the conversation regarding the new sign codes being considered by the city (Woodinville Weekly, Feb. 24).

New ordinance levies high fines

new ordinance Concerned landowners must attend the King County Council committee hearing on a new code enforcement ordinance, with fines of $100-$3,000/day for violating junk car laws or not obtaining permits.