MARCH 3, 1997 : your home town on the world wide web


Volunteers shy away from Fire District committees

Fire District committees May we suggest why there has been hesitation by volunteers to join new Fire District committees?
   There is a continued concern as to why the commissioners shut down a fully-functioning Citizen Advisory Committee, full of knowledgeable and interested citizens. We challenge you to find a group of citizens more qualified than those you no longer choose to recognize.
   It appears you are looking for a committee that will be hand-picked by you to operate under your rules. If you truly want input from the citizenry, you should allow any and all to participate and have their voices heard. In looking at what happened to the Citizen Advisory Committee of old, there is little to entice someone to join a similar committee. The specter of being dismissed, disregarded, and publicly bad-mouthed would not attract anyone to step forward and be part of the new Citizen Advisory Council.

Deborah Crawford, Teri Engelbrecht, Woodinville