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Fire District behavior confusing

confusing behavior I have been attending Woodinville Fire District meetings since July 1996, concerned over what had been happening since January. This coincidentally coincided with Commisioners Callon and Leggett taking office, after which two commisioners and the fire chief resigned and the Citizens Advisory Committee was dismissed.
   I began to attend meetings to educate myself, but found this to be a difficult task. The commissioners were unwilling to respond to questions and/or concerns expressed by the citizens at their meetings. I also read the Woodinville Weekly. I quickly realized this would not be a source of information either, as many times descriptions in the articles of what had transpired at the meetings was not what I had observed while attending the meeting.
   An example of this was the meeting at which the fire chief resigned. It was reported that the commissioners feared for their safety and had to call for police assistance. At no time was there any threat to anyone. At the most, a few people did raise their voices, and there were many people unhappy at how Jim Davis was being treated and how the people were being treated by the fire commissioners.
   Commissioner May has made statements about his disappointment that more people haven't come forward to volunteer. He has also made strong statements about the small group of negative people who will not step up to help improve things. Well, my response to that is maybe people are confused. The citizens were treated for an entire year as if their opinions didn't matter, and now they are being criticized for not stepping forward to join a new citizens advisory group.
   Possibly, Mr. May, people are concerned as to how they will be treated in the future. Possibly they do not want to become involved with the current board of Fire Commissioners because they do not know what they are getting into. Can you blame them?

Kathy Agnew, Woodinville