MARCH 3, 1997 : your home town on the world wide web


Stop pointing accusing finger

groundless accusations I am getting a little disgusted with the innuendoes regarding former Fire Chief Davis's credit card receipts.
   As someone who knows from attending Fire District meetings for many years, vouchers are not signed by the commissioners unless all receipts are attached. I have personally watched the commissioners pull vouchers from the requests because they do not have proper receipts attached. You could not "circumvent internal controls," and if you did, the commissioners allowed it to happen!
   Someone is obviously out to discredit Chief Davis, since he isn't here to defend himself. We never had this type of problem before 1996 according to prior audits, so what seems to be the problem now?
   Jim Davis is one of the finest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. As so many others here in the community also know, he has the highest integrity, and is the most honest, compassionate, and ethical person I have ever met.
   I say stop pointing the finger at the former chief. It is your job as commissioners to make sure what you approve is correct. Maybe you should see whose fingers really are in the cookie jar?

Mary Baum, Woodinville