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Fire Board target of recall

recall drive Three Woodinville Fire and Life Safety Commissioners are subjects of a recall effort that began several months ago. On Monday, Mar. 3, documents were to be filed by Mary Baum with the King County Superintendent of Elections asking for the recall of Commissioners Dave Callon, Donald Leggett, and Ben May. The charges are misappropriation of public funds, malfeasance, misfeasance, and discrimination.
   "We are sorry that it has come to this, but the citizens of Woodinville can no longer stand by and watch the actions of these commissioners," said Mary Baum, who has served as chairman of the Citizens Advisory Committee since it was formed in 1986 at the fire district's request. Since July of 1996, when the commissioners chose to restructure the organization and form a new committee, the CAC has continued to meet to discuss issues they felt were important to the public.
   The charges stated in the documentation supplied to the Board of Elections revolve around those issues: "the forced termination of Chief Jim Davis, misappropriation of funds of taxpayer's bond money, misappropriation of funds for construction of Station 32, conflict of interest by Commissioner Leggett, improper use of public office by Commission Callon, misuse of public office by Commission Callon, improper action at an illegal meeting on June 17, 1996, discrimination against commissioner at June 17, 1996 meeting, survey, discrimination against female firefighter."
   "There is no question that the firefighters of Woodinville Fire and Life Safety have always and will continue to provide the best possible service; however, it is my belief that the current leadership from the commissioners is not giving them the quality of expertise that we have seen in the past," Baum said.
   The recall request will be evaluated by a King County judge and a decision made on whether or not to bring the request before the voters. If approved, the petitioner must provide enough signatures to support the effort and request that it be placed on the ballot.