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Fire board recall: Good evidence or bad feelings?

fire board recall As reported recently in the Woodinville Weekly, three of the Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District Commissioners, Dave Callon, Donald Leggett, and Ben May, are the subject of a recall effort by certain citizens of the district.
   Lest we forget, in all the uproar following this action, these citizens are exercising their rights under the laws of the land. What should be of concern to citizens is not that there is a recall effort, but that each person takes the time to evaluate the matter in all fairness, and to ignore those claims that cannot be substantiated by facts.
   The supporting documents accompanying the recall papers have been reviewed, and no trace of innuendo, dark mutterings, or other means of tugging on one's emotions have been found. Indeed, facts that can be found, either in the minutes of the commissioner's meetings or in court papers, are documented throughout the recall papers.
   The outcome of this action can't be predicted, but the entire process of the recall should serve to give the citizens of the district a fair and impartial view both of their commissioners and of how the laws of the land work for all of us. Two valuable lessons for the price of one action.
   Not a bad deal, as the saying goes.