MARCH 10, 1997 : your home town on the world wide web


Remember when you were a teen

teenage years I, too, would like to comment on Brandon Schnierer's letter (Feb. 17). Brandon, every generation since the beginning of time has sworn every upcoming generation is going to rack and ruin.
   Come on, folks. Every generation had their fashion statement and music. In the '20s, it was the Charleston, bobbed hair, and above-the-knees dresses. In the '40s, it was still short dresses and the jitterbug. Also, remember zoot suits?
   In the '50s, when I was a teenager, it was flared skirts with enough stiff petticoats to make them stand out, and girls wore white bucks along with other shoes, and it was rock and roll and Elvis. TV stations were made to not show Elvis from the waist down. I guess "they" thought his swiveling of his hips was going to ruin us all. The guys wore low-slung jeans and the girls, too.
   So please, everybody, remember when you were a teenager. I'm 59 and I still remember.

Pauline Thompson, Woodinville