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City, Water District coordinate repairs at 140th intersection

140th intersection by Andrew Walgamott
A 20-year-old water main underneath 140th Avenue NE in Woodinville may soon be replaced during general improvements to the town's busiest intersection. The Woodinville Water District and City Council are looking at an interagency agreement that would coordinate necessary repairs to the surface of140th and NE 175th Street with the replacement of a 500-foot stretch of asbestos cement pipe under140th from 7-11 to McDonald's.
   The city is moving forward on removal and replacement of trees along the sidewalk, cementing sections of the intersection, and putting up new guard rails.
   Bob Bandarra, general manager of the Woodinville Water District, said the district had had plans to replace the pipe. When notified of the city's project, the district wished to coordinate the activities. "It became important for us to replace (the) 500 feet of pipe. Government in action for a change," Bandarra said.
   The water main to be replaced was laid during the early 1970s, Bandarra said. In its place, an 8-inch ductile iron pipe will be installed along with other appurtenances. The city will handle contracting for the project and will be reimbursed by the Water District.
   The City Council was in consensus that coordination of the project should continue with the Water District. The Water District approved the agreement last Tuesday.