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Sims names new King County sheriff

King County sheriff Filling the vacancy created when Sheriff Montgomery became Bellevue's police chief, King County Executive Ron Sims recommended the council appoint Major David Reichert last week as the interim King County sheriff.
   Reichert, 46, is a 25-year veteran of the King County Police force and has served as the Major at the North Precinct in Kenmore since May 1996. Twice in his career, he has been wounded in the line of duty when disarming assailants without the use of deadly force. Reichert has been active in the implementation of the community policing model and the innovative use of law enforcement technology.
   "I wanted to set the highest standard of professionalism with this appointment," said King County Executive Ron Sims. "This is an evolving department and Dave is exceptionally well-regarded by everyone who works with him."
   After serving 10 years as a patrol officer and detective, Reichert was assigned to investigate the murder of the first victim of the Green River killer and led the Green River Task Force from 1982 to 1990. He has also served as commander of the hostage negotiation, bomb disposal, and traffic enforcement units, and the SWAT team, taking part in these team missions and "grueling monthly training."
   "My top priorities will be community policing, contracting, and problem solving--all backed up with the use of technology," said Reichert. "I look forward to moving this department forward in providing affordable and quality law enforcement to the contract cities and unincorporated areas."
   Reichert has received numerous awards for valor above and beyond the call of duty from local and state levels, including the state's Attorney General's office, resulting from his actions to disarm assailants without firing a weapon. In one case, he was slashed in the throat and shoulders with a butcher knife from a man who was holding his wife hostage and threatening to kill her.
   In another case, Reichert rushed from behind and subdued a young man with a rifle who had shot at him and was taking aim at other officers. In these cases, both in Federal Way, police procedures would have justified shooting the individuals.
   The recommendation to appoint Reichert started its way through the King County Council process Monday and is expected to be assigned to the Law, Justice, and Human Services Committee, and later back to the full council.