MARCH 17, 1997

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Guest Column

Library no longer safe haven

Guest Column by J. Thomas, Woodinville Library Page
Your neighborhood library is not a safe haven from the world that surrounds it. Your daughters are not safe. Your sons are not safe. You are not safe.

Letters to the Editor

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Taco Bell color a welcome relief

Taco Bell I found the Woodinville Planning Commission's reaction to "Taco Bell's attention-getting bright purple sign" (Woodinville Weekly, March 3) laughable.

Old dump is site of new tower

new tower King County owns the old King County Dump on the old Woodinville-Duvall Road (three miles west of Duvall) and has allowed a corporation to propose a 300-foot electromagnetic microwave tower with 4 large microwave dishes and 14 antennae to be constructed there.

Recall not directed at firefighters

recall effort The recall of the three fire Commissioners has nothing to do with the firefighters and staff at Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District. I believe we have the finest firefighters in the state and receive the best service possible by both the firefighters and support staff.

A voice from within the fire district

voice from inside In recent months, there has been considerable press devoted to the perceived turmoil of Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District. Unfortunately, the rhetoric has gotten to such an unbelievable level that there must be a voice from within.

Thanks, Woodinville Fire Dept. EMTs

EMTs thanked The family of Frank Eugene Patterson, of Canterbury Square, Woodinville, would like to express their gratitude to the Woodinville fire Department Emergency Medical Team for their valiant efforts at resuscitation.

Showing of 'Schindler's List' television's biggest step ever

Schindler's List In response to the letter of Erich Britto (March 10): Erich, how dare you complain about television's biggest step ever. Schindler's List is the most honest film they have ever shown, and the most important.

Carnation needs a design board

design board To the citizens of Carnation: Are you pleased with the uncontrolled growth occurring in Redmond and Monroe? Were you aware that Drug Emporium, McDonald's, and multiple movie theaters are planned for development in Duvall, right on Big Rock Road?