MARCH 17, 1997 : your home town on the world wide web


Taco Bell color a welcome relief

Taco Bell I found the Woodinville Planning Commission's reaction to "Taco Bell's attention-getting bright purple sign" (Woodinville Weekly, March 3) laughable.
   The commission has criticized the brightness of the sign, the fact that the menu is visible from the road (heaven forbid), and the color of the building as not being compatible with the "Northwest Woodland Character" in the city's visioning statement.
   Have any of the Planning Commission members looked around "greater downtown Woodinville" lately? I realize that the orange and purple lighting around the AM-PM and the sign in front of the SirPlus might be considered by some as "Northwest Woodland," but I don't think so. Seems to me that the first step in "planning" is consistency, and it appears that we've already missed that boat.
   Gads--with the exception of Molbak's and a very few other businesses, the "downtown core" needs to be razed and rebuilt! Frankly, I find the color of Taco Bell a welcome relief from the blah, tired, strip-mall decor up and down NE 175th Street!

Carmen Wiswell, Woodinville