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Recall not directed at firefighters

recall effort The recall of the three fire Commissioners has nothing to do with the firefighters and staff at Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District. I believe we have the finest firefighters in the state and receive the best service possible by both the firefighters and support staff. This issue is directed at the commissioners only.
   The Fire District has been trying to establish a new citizens group. A handout given at a recent commissioners meeting outlines that the commissioners will choose who will be a part of it and that the group will work under the rules and directions of the commissioners. This makes it nothing more than a controlled branch of the Fire District.
   Had this been the way the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was set up by all the commissioners over the past 10 years, we would more than likely not have been privy to the knowledge we had and the recall would not be possible. Those prior commissioners felt a true citizens group should be run independently, thus making them totally separate from the district. This is the only true citizens group.

Mary Baum, Woodinville