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Showing of 'Schindler's List' television's biggest step ever

Schindler's List In response to the letter of Erich Britto (March 10):
   Erich, how dare you complain about television's biggest step ever. Schindler's List is the most honest film they have ever shown, and the most important. It teaches of the world's past, because if you don't learn the past, with easy access, the mistakes will occur again.
   I applaud NBC. They took the gutsiest step ever. If you were upset with the time, how else do you expect it to be shown? After midnight, when most people are asleep?
   About the content: Sure, it's not appropriate for a 5-year-old. I think, though, that once a kid can comprehend the film, they should be able to watch it.
   Wake up. See that the Holocaust is something we can't ever forget, but we must continually learn from. It is reality, not Hollywood violence. Face the truth.

Jason Sweet, Woodinville