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Carnation needs a design board

design board To the citizens of Carnation: Are you pleased with the uncontrolled growth occurring in Redmond and Monroe? Were you aware that Drug Emporium, McDonald's, and multiple movie theaters are planned for development in Duvall, right on Big Rock Road?
   Is this what you foresee for the future of Carnation?
   King County already has plans to install a sewer system into the Carnation area. This will result in inevitable growth, as is occurring in Duvall. Growth does not have to be a negative when it is properly managed.
   Currently, Carnation has no design policies that dictate the type of development that can occur in our town. When towns like Monroe and Woodinville experienced uncontrollable growth, they lost their small town atmosphere. It is Carnation's small town atmosphere that supports most of the business that is here today.
   Redmond is the nation's fastest-growing city. In an attempt to control urban sprawl, Redmond put together a design review board. This board reviews every proposed project to ensure that it meets the goals of the community, in look, scale, and development type. But the board is a relatively new entity that was formed after big development was already planning to move there.
   We need to develop a design review board now, in Carnation. This board would be comprised of concerned local citizens who have a vested interest in ensuring that Carnation's small town atmosphere is retained and that future growth is managed.
   If you are interested in learning more about this issue, or in assisting in the development of a design board, please call me at (206) 333-6004 or (206) 969-0105. Once the amount of interest is determined, we will immediately set up a meeting date to start on development of a board.

Rick Pezzner, President, Carnation Chamber of Commerce, Carnation business owner/resident