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'Creating a Safer Community' begins

Safer Community More than 100 members of the community, including students, met last Wednesday evening at Woodinville High for a series of classes entitled "Creating a Safer Community."
   "It could happen here," said Karen Forys, Superintendent of Northshore School District, in her opening remarks describing a terrifying experience she had last November. "I was accosted by a man on drugs demanding money as I tried to get into my car after an afternoon meeting. I was able to get in my car, lock the doors, and lay on the horn. He was beating on the back of my car," she said, describing how she was able to get away. She then reported the incident on her cell phone. "What I learned is that it doesn't happen over there. It can happen at work, school, shopping, and when you least expect it."
   "We should be angry, set the standards, not be victims, not put up with violence and the few people who are not acting responsively or respectively," she added.
   "We organized this program to teach students, parents, and community members how to make our community a safer place," said Rhonda McKim, Northshore PTA council chair of Violence Intervention Prevention and Teen Northshore board member.
   Those attending chose to go to two classes, choosing from anger management, drug and alcohol teen and adult panels, unlearning prejudice, safeguarding children, firearm violence, and domestic and dating violence.
   Resource tables provided information on Teen Northshore, drug and alcohol prevention, domestic and dating violence prevention resources, parenting information, and other materials.
   "The event was very successful. We hope to repeat it next year," said McKim. "The Northshore Jr. High PTA, Leota PTA, and Woodinville High School PTA worked together to schedule knowledgeable speakers for each class, notify parents, and present the program," she added.