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Bothell plastic surgeon charged with rape of Woodinville woman

Other patients come forward

rape charges A 46-year-old Bothell doctor has been charged with the second-degree rape of a 33-year-old Woodinville woman at his Kirkland office. According to the victim, the alleged rape took place between the evening of Mar. 11 and the morning of Mar. 12 after the defendant, Gregory Alan Johnson, a cosmetic surgeon at Carillon Point, placed an anesthetic mask over the victim's face and she lost consciousness.
   In the time following the filing of charges against Johnson by the King County Prosecuting Attorney last Friday, four other women have contacted the Kirkland Police Department and made similar complaints against the man. Also, police were notified of an additional victim who has filed a civil suit against Johnson for having sexual intercourse with her while she was under anesthesia, according to charging papers.
   Police were notified Mar. 12, and on Mar. 13, the Kirkland Police Department served a search warrant on Johnson's office and residence. Johnson was arrested without incident and booked early last Friday. He posted bail in the amount of $150,000. After charges were filed, Johnson was taken back into custody, and the bail was reset to $750,000 cash.