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Garbage rates to increase

rate increase The cost of disposing garbage in King County will go up April 1 following a rate increase by the county's Solid Waste Division. This is the first rate increase in five years, the division says.
   The hike will raise the garbage bill of the average one-can curbside customer 56 cents a month. Under the new rate schedule, the minimum fee for residents who haul garbage to county transfer stations will be $13 starting April 1, an increase of $2.25 over today's rates. On a per-ton basis, rates will increase from the current $66 per ton to $74.25 per ton.
   For residents whose garbage is collected at the curbside, the new rates will mean a monthly increase of about 56 cents for one-can service. (This estimate does not include additional fees that may be imposed by garbage haulers and cities.) This rate increase will be followed by a similar rate hike on Jan. 1, 1999. Call 296-4466 for more information.