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City to conduct telephone survey

telephone survey by Andrew Walgamott, staff reporter
WOODINVILLE--The City of Woodinville has chosen Seattle-based Bosma & Associates International to handle a telephone survey of city residents concerning the proposed civic center at the Sorenson Complex. The survey will be done to determine the consensus of the community regarding the future location of City Hall, a staff report said.
   Pending City Council approval, Bosma will perform a random sample telephone survey of residents inside Woodinville city limits. Phone numbers will be picked from voter registration lists.
   Marie Stake, community services coordinator for the city, said Bosma was chosen because it could meet the time constraints, could hold night meetings and understood the scope of the project. Also, its costs were in the city's budget range.
   Residents will be asked for opinions on the need for a new City Hall; the benefits of having a community center; the importance of its location; whether they've used the facilities around Sorenson recently; and whether they think purchasing the Sorenson Complex for a Community Center/City Hall is an appropriate option. There will be a short pre-testing phase to determine the viability of the questionnaire.
   Stake said she hopes to have a preliminary product to the City Council on March 24. The council needs to approve the survey and questionnaire before any calls can be made.