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Davidson receives community service award

award presented

Hospital Board of Commissioners President Al DeYoung presented Julie Davidson with the award at the February Board meeting.

community service award Long-time Woodinville resident Julie Davidson was presented last month with the first Award for Outstanding Community Service from Evergreen Community Health Care, which recognizes individuals who have had a profound impact on enhancing the health of the community.
   Davidson spent countless in service of the community through Evergreen Hospital, where she has organized programs and worked diligently to provide healthcare for those who are in need.
   "She's an untiring community worker and has done a lot to improve access to hospitals for those who can't afford medical care," said Al DeYoung, Hospital Board president.
   Davidson, who served six years as a commissioner, was instrumental in developing the Partners for a Healthier Community program. She was also the driving force behind last October's Women for Women's Health Pledge Breakfast, which raised more than $56,000 to fund women's health needs at Evergreen.
   Davidson says the award was completely unexpected, as was the presence of a number of her close friends who were present at the meeting to give support. "I was very honored and totally surprised," she said. "This is a wonderful community to serve and it was a real honor to be recognized for that service."
   Davidson began working with the hospital district in 1988 on the hospice bond. She was appointed to finish two years of an unexpired commissioner's term in 1989 and was later elected to the position, serving four of her six years.