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Bill to fund SR-522 voted out of committee

SR-522 by Northwest News staff
A proposal to fund two additional lanes from Highway 9 to Paradise Lake Road on SR-522, the locally-referred-to "Highway of Death," passed 19-5 and advanced to House rules last week. The bill proposes appropriating $7.9 million from the motor vehicle fund to the transportation budget for the stretch, which is ready for construction, and instructs the state Department of Transportation to develop a design-build procedure.
   Monroe City Councilmember Dan Foster informed the transportation policy and budget committee by letter that a local property owner plans to mine five million tons of sand and gravel during the next 10 years, adding 220 to 450 trips per day to SR-2 and SR-522. The property owner reportedly expects the material to go to sites in King County, "possibly for the third runway which requires 15 million tons of material to complete," the letter reads. Foster also said the proposed gravel pit is one of three proposed in Monroe, one of the few areas in the Puget Sound area to be able to produce this amount of material.