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Eight education bills clear House

education bills by Northwest News staff
Stressing the "ADCs" of learning--academics, discipline, and community involvement--eight bills cleared the House last week, including reading levels, parental rights, and discipline, five of which were unanimously endorsed.
   "Our goal is to make sure all high school graduates in this state can read their diplomas," said Rep. Dave Schmidt, R-Bothell. "I never want to hear another story about a student graduating from high school who cannot read. Everyone talks about returning to the basics of education, and these bills push us in that direction."
   Rep. Bill Thompson, R-Everett, said children deserve the highest expectations, and that the position that self-esteem matters more than success is for the past. "We have been wrong about that, and our schools have suffered as a result," he said. "The fact is, nothing helps self-esteem like success in education. It is time for us to value academic achievement again, and be proud of the high academic standards we all support, for the sake of our children."