MARCH 24, 1997 : your home town on the world wide web


Citizens can help build Wilmot Park

Wilmot Park Did you know that the city is getting ready to build Wilmot Community Park this summer? Permits are being prepared and construction drawings finished. What does this mean for you besides the prospect of a great new park?
   It means now is the time to order your personalized bricks and tiles. Not only can you put your name in the park, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you helped build our first community park.
   There is limited supply of bricks and tiles available, so pick up an order form at most downtown merchants or at City Hall now. There will be volunteers at the All Fools' Day Parade this Saturday who will have order forms and can take your order right along the parade route. If you are going to go to either of the Tim Noah concerts, visit the booth at City Hall for tickets (and an order form, of course). Proceeds from the concert will go to the park.
   We're getting ready to build your park, but we still need your help. See you at the parade.

Don Brocha, Deputy Mayor, Woodinville