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King County needs to fix stream

fix stream King County just can't forget its singsong about "developments upstream" causing the Hollywood Intersection flooding "since the mid-1980s," nor that then was "about the time" when the stream was realigned to the 90-degree turn behind the old Hollywood Schoolhouse.
   There has been relatively little development on Hollywood Hill. And the true major development, the Farm, has caused no erosion problems.
   What is causing problems (that King County will never admit to) are the logs and rootwads King County installed in the Hollywood canyon stream in late 1995. This installation was ostensibly to prevent downstream sediment wash, but there was also an intent to provide habitat for the fish someone planted in the stream.
   Periodically, after major storms since 1995, I've taken pictures of a certain point on the stream. Those pictures graphically illustrate the movement of the stream around the ends of the installed "large woody debris," as it's officially called. The result is hillside erosion that deposits evermore rocks and sediment in the stream.
   Gentling the right-angle turn behind the Schoolhouse--which was created in the early 1960s, not the mid-1980s--will help a lot. Getting rid of the large woody debris would also help.

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville