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McDonald's Club presents annual check

check presented

George Garcia accepts a $400 check for the Ronald McDonald House from Helen Clausen (left) and Judy McGrew (right), members of the McDonald's Breakfast Club.
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Northwest News.

Breakfast Club The McDonald's Breakfast Club recently presented their annual donation to the Ronald McDonald House. A $400 check was given to George Garcia, a representative of the house, at Chin's Palace in Woodinville. Twenty-three seniors were on hand for the event.
   The Breakfast Club is an informal gathering of seniors. They collect donations from members throughout the year. They usually meet on the second Tuesday of each month for breakfast, but during the winter months, they meet for lunch. Over the years, more than $8,000 has been given to the house.
   The club, made up of seniors, was created in 1979 by Hank and Mary Hangartner. Besides raising money for McDonald's, the meetings give the seniors a chance to keep in touch and talk about where they've been lately and what's going on in their lives.
   "We just sit and visit and discuss different things. We enjoy going to the luncheons," said charter member Florence Boyarski. She and Catherine Gieseke are the only remaining charter members. "We all get along fine," Boyarski added.
   Current members live in Bothell and Woodinville and range in age from 70 to 90. Between 13 and 25 regulars show up for the luncheons, depending on how far from home the meeting is held. "Anybody can come," said Boyarski.