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Fire Commissioners Board meeting notes

Fire Commissioners At the March 18 Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District Commissioners meeting, public comment was moved to the beginning of the meeting by a vote of the commissioners.
   The commissioners discussed purchase of a trailer sprinkler education system for $4,000. With matching funds from American Fire Sprinkler Association, cost to the district was lowered to $2,000. The trailer would be used for training sprinkler installers and fire fighters how sprinkler systems operate.
   The commissioners agreed that purchasing the trailer was a good idea. Commissioner Dave Callon moved that $2,000 be used to purchase the trailer with 50 percent of the matching fund coming from the reserve fund. Cash would be paid back by renting the trailer to other fire districts. Commissioner Don Eddy seconded the motion and all approved.
   Battalion Chief Dominic Marzano said the trailer would be a "tremendous training tool for us," and he lauded American Fire Protection, who will build the trailer, for "stepping up and doing something that is extremely commendable."
   Fire Chief Steve Smith reported that City Manager Joe Meneghini had signed the fire prevention contract between the district and the city. WFLSD will be involved in permitting, inspection, and plan review services in the city. Interviews for the Deputy Chief had been completed, as well. Smith said he wanted to appoint the applicant on Apr. 16.
   Battalion Chief Cliff Griffin was sent to Springfield, Oregon to participate in a program sponsored by the International City Managers Program and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) to improve WFLSD's long-term strategic planning. The IAFC has developed an accreditation process for fire districts to perform a self-review against a benchmark of excellence, according to Marzano. The following day Griffin toured the Springfield fire department, one of the first in the country to be accredited in this program. Griffin went to find out how Springfield implemented the program, compare it to what the WFLSD is doing now, and how much it would cost to bring WFLSD to the same high standards. "It would be a tremendous tool in our strategic planning," said Marzano.
   The meeting went into executive session, but no action was taken. The meeting was adjourned after the Commissioners returned from the session.