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I-405 work closes Riverside Dr.


Eighty-nine highway bridge support columns at the I-405/SR-522 interchange are being retrofitted to meet new earthquake standards.
Photo by Andrew Walgamott/Northwest News.

I-405 construction by Andrew Walgamott
East Riverside Drive between Bothell and Woodinville will continue to be closed between the Riverside Mobile Home Estates and the Brickyard Road due to construction on I-405, according to the City of Bothell.
   The closure is effective through Apr. 10 while Atkinson Construction widens the existing northbound and southbound lanes of the Interstate for HOV lanes as it passes over East Riverside Drive, the Sammamish Slough, and State Route 522. Atkinson will also be erecting new bridge column supports for the wider highway, according to Mark Johnnie, construction representative. Holes eight feet in diameter will be drilled from 60 to 100 feet deep, steel shafts put in place, and columns constructed outside the shaft. Platforms have been built out into the slough to support cranes that will be drilling shafts into the ground.
   During construction, the bridges in the spaghetti-like interchange will be retrofitted for earthquakes. Eighty-nine supporting columns will be encased in steel and filled with grout, according to Johnnie.
   Closure of East Riverside Drive was unavoidable, as the size of the equipment boring new shafts was so large and work would be occurring on supports beside East Riverside Drive. "The hope is that with this closure we can zip in and get this stuff done, instead of having it drag on forever," said Johnnie.
   East Riverside will be open for emergency vehicles only. Alternate routes have been posted.