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Celebrate Woodinville: a job well done

editorial The Woodinville Chamber of Commerce Board, members, and staff; the City of Woodinville councilmembers and staff; the Woodinville Tourism Bureau; the Basset Bash staff; the staff of the Woodinville Farmer's Market; and the hundreds of individuals and businesses that worked together on Celebrate Woodinville '97 are to be congratulated on a job well done!
   It was a great day in Woodinville last Saturday. Hosting thousands of people for a one-day celebration takes months of planning and involves significant costs and outlay of time. For most, it only takes the smile of a child to make the hours of hard work worthwhile. On Saturday, however, there were thousands of children smiling, along with their parents and friends. Even the hundreds of dogs were smiling.
   The importance of community events such as Celebrate Woodinville can not be underestimated. This event brings people together, giving young and old a tangible connection to the greater community and a real sense of belonging. We are fortunate to have a community that can collaborate and sponsor such a positive day of activity for all ages.