MARCH 31, 1997 : your home town on the world wide web


Home seller asks for respect

respect for others I feel like one of the three bears, only I didn't find Goldilocks. Instead, I found permanent felt tip pen marks on the white rail, used staples on the family room carpet, more than one restroom used, a game of pool played on the pool table, the wood floors scratched from high heels, dirt from shoes dug into the carpets, bubble gum smeared on one wall, and our greyhound so scared, he ran into the kennel when I approached him. I'm beginning to think my girlfriend, who sold her home last year, wasn't off base about the necessity of being home when it was shown.
   Our home has recently been put on the market. The real estate agents stated that they prefer the owner not be at home when they have their brokers' open house and when they are showing clients through. However, where are the agents if these types of damages happen?
   I'm spending more to have it [the house] cleaned or working harder to clean the house now than when I had my teenage daughter living at home. She always cleaned her living area because it was important for it to look nice when her friends popped over. But that's not all.
   It was suggested I take down my cowhide as some clients, although none of them were buyers, were paying too much attention to the cowhide rather than looking at the house. That was also true of my quilts. I had already thinned out the house of extra furniture and knickknacks. I thought people were brought in my home with an agent to view the house and not how I decorate.
   Furthermore, I opted not to have an open house as I wanted serious buyers. Even so, a man who lived nearby wanted to check out my house so he could make comparisons to ready his house for sale. I had just come home to hear his request. Our agent stated she would check with the owner. I stuck my head around the corner and said, "No." He was spitting mad and gave our agent an earful when she went out to her car on her way to retrieve her brokers open signs.
   So, be it a brokers' open or agents with prospective clients, I suggest those showing and those viewing be more respectful of an owner's property or you will find more owners at home, starting with me!

Tonya St. Berg, Woodinville