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Canterbury Criers file $700,000 lawsuit against city

$700,000 lawsuit by Andrew Walgamott
A lawsuit was filed by the Canterbury Criers Association against the City of Woodinville in United States District Court in Seattle at 3 p.m., March. 27. The lawsuit alleges that the city has denied Canterbury use of their property and asks for damages of $700,000 and modification of grid-road ordinances 147 and 33.
   Canterbury, a condominium association, wants to develop 11 lots in areas of their property situated between NE 175th Street and NE 171st Street that the city has designated right-of-ways and will not issue foundation permits for the space, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit developed after a year of "on-again, off-again negotiations" between Canterbury and the city.
   Canterbury attorney David Bricklin sent the city a letter in February advising that his clients would file a lawsuit in March if the grid road ordinances, as they applied to Canterbury, were not resolved. According to the letter, Canterbury wished to "avoid pursuing this lawsuit." But after a month of "zero action," according to Bricklin, the lawsuit was filed.
   "We are very disappointed in the lack of useful response from the city," said Bricklin. He said that despite the lawsuit, his clients were still interested in any proposal the city might offer.
   "We will continue to be receptive to efforts by the city. But in the meantime, we will vigorously pursue the lawsuit," Bricklin said.
   "We dispute their allegations there, but the city would like to continue working with them," Woodinville City Attorney Wayne Tanaka said after the lawsuit was filed.