APRIL 7, 1997

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Outpouring of concern overwhelming

thanks for support Our family wishes to extend a very sincere "thank you" to all the folks in Duvall, Carnation, and the surrounding areas for their concern during our son's recent automobile accident. The outpouring of support from the local community members and churches was overwhelming. It was through that support, prayer, and the combined efforts of the Duvall Emergency Medical Team and the Harborview medical staff that Joseph recovered as quickly and as well as he did.
   If there is any one individual who deserves special recognition, it is Jack Dalton, son of Janie and Dewey Dalton. Jack was following Joseph when the accident occurred and drove immediately to a residence to phone 911. It was due to Jack's clear thinking and prompt action that Joseph was attended to so quickly, thus gaining an edge during the "golden hour."
   As with any misfortune, there is something to be learned. We have reaffirmed that there are a lot of fine people in the Valley, who with little prompting, are willing to put aside their own personal lives to help others in their time of need. This is an enviable virtue which few communities can boast. And--although we hope that no one ever has to test that commitment--rest assured, it will be there if it is needed.
   In closing, we feel an obligation to inform the community that many of Joseph's injuries might have been avoided if he had remembered to wear his seatbelt. So for God's sake, "Buckle Up!" It may save your life.

David & Donna Gustat