APRIL 7, 1997

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Disaster can bring out best in people

disaster assistance We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to the members of the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District, particularly Dominic Marzano, and Kerry and Tad (whose last names we don't know).
   We live in the Sunridge Condominiums, which were struck by a mudslide in the early hours of Wednesday morning, March 19. Tad, who was among the first to arrive, was very kind and showed us the highest level of respect and concern for our well-being. Kerry loaned us a vacuum-pack to help remove the water and mud from our carpet until professional help could arrive.
   Dominic made sure we had everything we needed, and helped us organize our cleanup plans. He stopped by a second time later in the day to make sure we were still doing OK, and to find out if there was anything else we needed, and contacted the American Red Cross to help us. He came by a third time--on his way home--to check on us one more time, and encouraged us to call him if we needed anything at all. The following day, Tad came by to check on us, as well.
   We feel these men deserve a public "thank you" for their actions. Sure, you could say it's their job (and that's true), but they showed a level of concern, caring, and kindness that was unmatched. At a time when we needed help the most, they were there for us. To them, we were as important as if our house had been pushed into the street (which happened to other, less fortunate people the same day).
   We must also thank our neighbors, most of whom we had never met, who lent their support. It is surprising how something like a mudslide can bring out the best in people. We are very grateful to those of you who came by to help us move furniture out of the way, who brought coffee, and who opened your homes to us.

Jeremy & Danielle Keyes (and our dog Buster), Woodinville