APRIL 7, 1997

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Ring Hill no place for 300-foot tower

Ring Hill tower The news coverage [last week] of the proposed 300-foot tower on Ring Hill gave the county's views in detail, but failed to mention the overwhelming rejection by the impacted neighbors. A few were mentioned.
   About three years ago, the cellular phone corporations attempted to erect a 150-foot tower with homeowners' consent and contract. Those with higher elevations rejected the idea, myself included. This area is zoned rural-residential and is no place for a commercial 300-foot tower.
   Metropolitan King County has now stepped in and proposes to build an even taller tower, and it won't cost them (cellular corporations) a cent for construction. Metropolitan-King County will build it with taxpayers' money. The cellular phone private corporations will only have to pay user fees.
   It's a crying shame that a non-elected division of Metropolitan-King County can impact so many homeowners. With the police station in Fall City, response time by the police hardly requires any more communication than is already in use. Why were there no impact statements allowed?
   There isn't a developer Metropolitan-King County does not like. Until now, I've declined signing the petition for a new county. This devastating 300-foot tower, if allowed in a residential area such as Ring Hill, gives me reason to sign the breakaway petition.
   Metropolitan-King County claims the 300-foot tower will be screened by trees. It will take at least 30 years for trees to reach even 100 feet in height, and that's with a lot of fertilizer.

George F. Slusser, Woodinville