APRIL 7, 1997

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English Hill historical notes

English Hill I thought some of your readers might like to know the origins of the name "English Hill." My grandfather, John Wesley English, and his wife, Rose, moved west from Minnesota to Puget Sound in the early years of this century.
   Several of my aunts and uncles were born at different places along the route west--which took a few years. However, most of them were born in the area now known as English Hill. There were eight daughters and eight sons born of the marriage between my grandfather and grandmother. Two of the children are still living--Cecilia and Winfield.
   English Hill once crawled with Englishes! An appropriate name then, eh?
   A footnote--My mother, Christine Thomson, was born in Woodinville in 1926. She was one of seven children of Hector "Dad" Thomson and Anne "Mumsy" Grindley. They had emigrated from Alberta, Canada, "Mumsy" having first left her home in Liverpool, England to marry and live on the Canadian prairie. My mother now lives in Puyallup.

George English, Missouri City, Texas