APRIL 7, 1997

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Woodinville City Manager resigns

City Manager resigns WOODINVILLE--The city has received the resignation of Joe Meneghini from his position of City Manager effective April 18, according to Woodinville Mayor Bob Miller.
   Meneghini, hired as Woodinville's first City Manager after the city's incorporation in 1993, was credited with establishing a firm foundation for the new city organization and for exercising leadership on a number of important issues.
   "It has been a privilege to have served the Woodinville community. These four years have been an exceptionally rewarding professional experience. We have a good start at creating a highly qualified and motivated team of professionals dedicated to the citizens of this community," Meneghini said. "We established a smooth transition to city services from the county operation, especially in the areas of police service, permitting, parks, and transportation needs."
   Miller, speaking on behalf of the City Council, expressed his appreciation of Meneghini's contribution to Woodinville and cited his "unquestioned professionalism" as having been a real asset to the new city. The City Council is expected to start a nationwide search for a new City Manager immediately. That process should take approximately six months.