APRIL 7, 1997

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Fire Board interviews CAC candidates

CAC candidates by Al Hooper
On April 1, the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District Commissioners interviewed several candidates for the soon-to-be-formed Citizen Advisory Council. Ten people spoke before the Commissioners about why they wished to serve on the CAC and what experiences they could bring to the group.
   Roy Bleikamp: "No one should bring a personal agenda to the council table, and each councilor should be ready to represent the people, no matter what their viewpoint," Bleikamp said. He summarized his business experience as a project manager with many medium- and large-size companies. "I think the council can be effective in preventing problems from arising, and I wish to contribute my problem-solving skills toward this end."
   Andre Head: A former firefighter, he is now the head of security at Chateau Ste. Michelle. Head works on a day-to-day basis with risk management and safety services, and feels these interaction skills can be of benefit to the council.
   Kate O'Neal: O'Neal works for the Red Cross and wishes to represent them in a liaison capacity. She said both and the Red Cross support communities and districts in disaster preparation and emergency services.
   Tim Osgood: With a resume of 14 years in the fire service, the last eight of them as an Acting Captain with the Northshore Fire District, Osgood is also a longtime participant in King County Emergency Services, including disaster preparation planning, and has served on other special committees. A resident of Woodinville for more than three years, he feels that serving on the CAC is a "natural, effective way to contribute back into the community what I get out of it." As a manager with many years experience in the Fire Service, Osgood said he believes he can best put the benefit of that experience to good public use by serving on the council.
   Terry Call: A member of the Chamber of Commerce, Call hopes to put his business experience to good use, and feels he can keep on open mind when dealing with issues involving the public and the fire district.
   Gordon Brawn: Brawn has served in the fire service for more than 35 years, as a firefighter, an officer, and a commissioner and in advisory and management positions for several districts around Puget Sound. Brawn said he has "a strong desire to see that our most valuable asset, the firefighters themselves, are not driven to leave us for any reason." He feels there has been too much controversy in the last year or more. "Why is is that every time I read about our district in the paper, I see negative news, not positive news. I would like to do whatever I can to help in restoring the positive image of our district," he said.
   Tom Jobb: Jobb said he thought the council could use "a fresh, unbiased viewpoint." He said he had no experience in the fire service, but that he was not without other qualifications he felt could be valuable.
   Tom Roland: An attorney and the Director of Legal Affairs at Chateau St Michelle, Roland said he wants to bring the business community's viewpoint to the council. "I wish to contribute my skills as a problem solver, and to facilitate consensus among the councillors."
   Kevin Coughlin: A resident of the community for many years, he has served with the district in an advisory capacity for the last five, presenting disaster preparation seminars and helping coordinate other offerings to the public. Coughlin has been a civil servant for the last 10 years and is a retired military officer.
   Several more candidates will be interviewed April 15.