APRIL 7, 1997

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prep sports

The week in Northshore prep sports

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Inglemoor Track Teams

Josh Gay

Josh Gay, winner of 400m and 110h.
Photo by Madeline Moore.

by Madeline Moore
   "Our teams are underrated. We're going to be a bigger contender this year than in the past," says A.J. Clemonts, Viking sprint coach and a former world class contender himself. He believes strongly in encouraging "team attitude," even though track is primarily an individual performance sport. He tells his students he wants "to take a team to state, not individuals." His goal for them is to improve their skills and have fun doing it.
   The Viking performance against Newport last week proved that both the girls and boys will be very strong Kingco contenders this year. The boys won, 88-61. DD Acholonu won the 100m and 200m; Josh Gay, the 400m and the110h; Adam Eggers, 3200m; Kevin Self, long jump; Jacob Besmer, high jump; Ryan Bottjer, javelin; and Terry Lin, shot put. The 4x100 relay team also won.
   The Viking girls beat Newport, 81-60, with returning Kingco champion Nicole Willis taking the 100 and 300h; Sarah Graham, 400; Amy Wenawesen,100h; Laurel Moulton, high jump; Sara Best, long jump; and Kelly Morrell, triple jump. The girls 4x100 and 4x200 relay teams also came in first.