APRIL 14, 1997

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'These proceedings are closed'

recall effort Speaking as a public servant, I wish to thank those citizens and firefighters who supported the leadership of the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District. I refer to the recent dismissal of all charges in King County Superior Court, brought by a citizen of the district against myself and two other commissioners for a recall vote.
   As our recent public meetings have demonstrated, the fire district is progressing forward with an interested core of potential candidates for our citizens' committee. We continue to make responsible decisions for the present and future of the district, with input from all credible sources. Our management team, led by Chief Smith, is developing long-term strategic plans with the Board of Commissioners. Most important, we are working with the city of Woodinville to increase the level of our cooperation and service.
   As the district continues to grow, we remain steadfast in our mission of public safety and care for our citizens. We remain accountable to the public in all aspects. We remain committed to working cooperatively with our firefighters, and especially administrative staff, to provide the highest level professional service possible. As you have seen, our organization adapts to the changing needs of our district.
   You will see the creativity of committed intelligent firefighters and administration staff to make the finest fire and life safety organization in the country while delivering quality at value to our citizens.

Ben May, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, WFLSD