APRIL 14, 1997

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Bassets are still howling

Basset Bash By now, the Bassets have howled again! And, from a greater distance than the first time I heard them, I wonder if oldtime Woodinville natives stopped for a moment during the All Fools' Day Parade to reflect on times gone by:
   Those quiet afternoons when the freight trains had passed and the new residents of the Hobo Jungle were marking their tin roof territories.
   The occasional siren, volunteer firefighters speeding to the station, screaming outboards on the Slough, harvest time at the vegetable farms.
   And afternoons around 4 p.m. From across the river came the one-of-a-kind sound of the basset hounds at feeding time. You could hear them from McDonald's Service, my Mom and Dad's gas station, two or more miles away. They brayed and howled in unison, and when their bellies were dragging the ground again, they calmed and mellowed and wandered off to do whatever basset hounds do.
   With all the change, and most of Woodinville's past nearly gone, it's wonderful to hear that the bassets are still howling and that people still take the time to stop and enjoy their happiness.

Steve Nicholl, Miami Beach, Florida