APRIL 14, 1997

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Like living in a war zone

shooting range I wish to respond to the article in the Valley View (Mar. 10, 1997) regarding Northwest Shooting Clays in Fall City, which the Carlson family opened on their property last summer.
   The kennel manager, Linda Rossellini-Burns, is quoted as saying that "the noise is at an absolute minimum--it's just an occasional shotgun going off." I'm not sure where Linda is listening from, but at my house, approximately 1/2 mile away, I heard constant and steady gunfire during their season last year. Some days I felt like I was living in a war zone.
   My family's quality of life has been drastically and detrimentally affected by it. We can no longer enjoy peaceful days in our own yard or quiet evenings on our deck in the spring, summer, and fall. Even inside, with the windows closed, it is still obnoxious. The noise of gunfire reverberates between the surrounding hills, affects several miles of residents, and is totally inconsistent with the rural nature of Fall City and the surrounding farmland and animals.
   It is absolutely outrageous that there was not proper public notice of the owners' intent. Brian Derdowski's aide (Bill Dennis) has commented that the amendment allowing the shooting range to open probably would not have survived a challenge, due to lack of public notice. Even though Brian Derdowski has admitted to having "second thoughts about it," he now says "there may not be much" he can do about it.
   It is incomprehensible to me how a business that our elected officials admit "did not get a thorough review" and that adversely affects so many humans, animals, and birds can be allowed to continue.

Jennifer Alexander, Fall City