APRIL 14, 1997

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Teen Northshore produces a PSA

film crew

Film crew members measure and adjust lighting for the shooting of the Teen Northshore PSA project.

public service Teen Northshore, through a collaborative effort between Northshore teens and film school graduates, is producing a public service announcement. They completed their filming last Sunday at Bothell High School.
   "We want to motivate young people to make positive life changes," said Mark Carstersen (USC), volunteer Teen Northshore producer of the project, along with Dana Jill Meaux (University of Toledo).
   Tyler Larson, Molly Mimier, and Katherine Baldwin of the Northshore School District have joined Erin Cox of Redmond, who has the lead role, Mahela Shaw of Seattle University, Andrea Mitchell of Edmonds Community College, Andrew Ivanhoe of Kirkland, Shawne Snook of Shoreline, and Matthew Russell of Seattle every Tuesday night since October to learn filmmaking.
   "Our vision is to bring the voice of Seattle's young people to the community through the power of film," said Carstersen. "The media typically speaks to kids and for kids, yet doesn't often give kids a voice themselves. That's what we're seeking to do. The PSA attempts to capture the often tumultuous experiences today's teens face in their struggle to make positive choices amidst conflicting emotions and influences."
   "We need to grab young people emotionally, and show them a story they can relate to," added Carstersen. The PSA centers around a young girl on the verge of being expelled from school, who is running out of hope for altering the direction her life is taking.
   The project is being funded through donations raised by Teen Northshore, a non-profit youth organization that provides a wide range of activities for young people. "We hope to do more and bigger projects in the future," says participant Maahela Shaw, "but we need the financial support and involvement of the community for the workshop to continue beyond this project."
   Young people desiring to participate in this and other activities and those willing to donate should call the Teen Northshore hotline at (206) 344-6417 or go to http://www2.teennorthshore.org on the Internet.