APRIL 14, 1997

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Recall dropped

recall effort A petition asking for the recall of Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District Commissioners David Callon, Ben May, and Don Leggett was partially withdrawn and also dismissed last week from King County Superior Court.
   Eight of the 10 charges filed by Mary Baum, former president of the Citizen Advisory Committee, were withdrawn before the court decision because of inaccurate readings. According to published reports, Judge Joan De Buque decided there weren't enough facts or legal backing to warrant a recall election in the other two charges.
   Clark Snure, fire district attorney said his clients were "quite pleased" with the decision. "They thought the charges were not worthy of being brought to court in the first place," Snure added.
   "We all still feel very strongly there are still grounds there [for a recall]," said Baum. She added she was not going to appeal the decision to state court. However, Baum felt some good had come out of the process. "At least the public is aware of what is going on out there."